Adapting Work Situations During COVID-19

It is a tough and scary time amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, and one of our main concerns is the welfare of our employees and our customers. I hope everyone is safe and healthy. I want to share a little bit about two recent events that touched me - both professionally and personally. 

Changes in the Workforce

Unfortunately, I have heard of businesses needing to layoff or let go of employees. I hate the uncertainty that this "COVID-19 Curveball" has thrown us. In this less-than-ideal event, I received a phone call from a wood-pellet operation that had to make the tough decision to lay off positions. They still needed to move product and were now shorthanded. They said they previously used air cannons in their operation until they made a process change. They still had these cannons sitting on a shelf and with the current staff shortage, they wondered if they could get these in operation again to help keep material flowing without the need for manual intervention. 

Air cannons are an effective flow aid tool

As a flow aid, yes the cannons would be ideal for this purpose. The air cannons were still operable so I talked them through the steps to get these installed and back in operation to help them through this transition period. Even though I am home officing 100% of the time and can't be out in the field helping customers, I felt good knowing that I was able to solve this issue for them. 

Changes in the Homestead

I saw my family of four, myself, my wife, and our two kids, expand to six when my nephew and my mother came to live in self-quarantine at my house to try to slow the spread of this nasty virus. As I sit here, surrounded by loved ones, I watch my 78-year old mother at her sewing machine making masks for healthcare professionals. If there is any positive to this current situation, it is acts like this - among many others - that have restored my faith in humanity. 

Covid-19 mask making

We all have to try to be as flexible as we can and most of all, be kind to and help one another. If any of you have a loved one who needs a mask, comment below and my mom will send you one (while supplies last)!

As a volunteer firefighter myself, I found this tribute very touching and well deserved for all of the brave healthcare professionals. Check it out:

If your operation has to change its day-to-day procedures due to these uncertain times and we can help in any way, we are here for you - some of us are sitting in our make-shift home office waiting for your call.

Stay safe!