Advancing Technology in Life & Air Cannon Use

This is the second blog post that I write from my home "office" during the COVID-19 Crisis. Advanced technology and new (at least to me) apps have helped me immensely to stay in touch with coworkers, family, and friends during this social distancing time.

It was weird at first but I have come a long way with transitioning to mostly all digital communication with our customers and even with my family. I even hosted a virtual Mother's Day get together over the weekend. In case I can help any of you with this transition time, I thought I would share what has helped me. 

A few of my favorite apps/tools:

1. WhatsApp - great for  international video calls and messaging

2. HouseParty - great for live video chats with several even has bult-in enterainment such as trivia and games

3. Facebook Messenger - I like to use it for group video chats

4. Zoom - great for business meetings and groups of family members for live video calls

5. Marco Polo - I send video messages back and forth with friends and family

Family Game Night

Virtual family game night amidst the Covid-19 pandemic

My family and I have been partaking in Virtual Family Game Nights to keep it light and continue to see each other! We use Zoom and play JackBox Games, this allows our family from Virginia to join in and hangout for the night.

The advancement and increased usage of these apps and tools got me thinking about the different ways air cannons have advanced and how they have been used in ways that are unique and out of the norm. 

Some of the most out-of-the box air cannon applications I've been involved with:

  • Our air cannons are placed on the roof of a building in Las Vegas surrounding the pool area, and they coordinate cannon blasts with music to spray water and make it rain on guests/visitors. 
  •  The air cannons below are placed on a transfer chute that handles wet sticky material. The cannons are there to sweep the walls and keep the material flowing.

    Air cannons on transfer chutes will sweep the walls and keep material flowing