Have You Learned Anything New Today?

Remember when school was rarely ever canceled due to snow and ice? I certainly do. I remember watching the names of numerous area schools scroll across the bottom of the TV announcing their closure only to be disappointed when mine never appeared. So, we bundled up and headed to school. Those days seem to be gone...now we get text alerts announcing e-learning days! I guess we can thank COVID for giving us a crash course into remote learning and work. 


I know we didn't have e-learning when I was a kid, but I can guarantee you my setup wouldn't have looked like this⬆️...virtual story time with a tablet nearby! I would have had a coloring book, "The Price Is Right" on TV, and my older brother as my "babysitter" because Mom & Dad still had to work.  

Here in the Midwest, it's been a long, cold, snowy January full of e-learning days. My kids are in preschool (3), 1st grade (6), and 3rd grade (8). Our school does a good job of trying to make e-learning activities fun, family-friendly, and educational. At least for K-5, I don’t have any high schoolers yet so that might be a different story. These e-learning days have even taught me a few things and had me researching “how-to” videos. KidFlyingPaperAirplane

"Alexa, How Do You Make A Paper Airplane?" 

When my 6-year-old son selected “make paper airplanes and research how to make them fly better,” I thought I can't teach him that. I planned to have him pick a different assignment but then I thought, no, let’s learn how.  Within minutes of researching how to make a paper airplane, we had 3 different types flying through our living room. My son kept watching videos, fine-tuning the planes, and making the slightest tweaks to make them do different tricks and fly differently. Visit Our Learning Center

Why Not Learn Something New Today? 

Give it a try! I felt pretty accomplished after conquering that paper airplane. If any of your educational needs involve material handling, I can help point you in the right direction (gosh, I'm such an expert lately 😂). Not only do I help my kids with their schoolwork, but I help facilitate our training and education program. I often hear from attendees how convenient it is that our on-demand webinars and 24/7 Foundations™ Learning Center fit into their busy schedules (it's kind of like we offer our own e-learning days). 

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Our live webinars were such a hit, we made them available at your convenience. With close to 50 on-demand webinars, you can easily see what topics interest you and access the content immediately. 

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So, the next time you are looking for answers, I hope this information helps. Or you can ask Alexa like I do (she knows her paper airplane stuff 🛩️).