Is There An App For That?

The time has come...the time for me to sleepily fall into bed after a long day only to realize I still need to ensure our Elf on the Shelf has moved locations. I don't want the kids to wake up disappointed. I wish I could say "Alexa, move the elf!" Or even, "Alexa, where is the elf?" in case the kids can't find him/her and I can't remember (it happens).


While there isn't an app to track or move Elf on the Shelf (yet, I hope), there is an app to remotely monitor belt cleaner blades.

Remote Monitoring Of Belt Cleaner Blades


The N2 Position Indicator allows for remote monitoring of the belt cleaner blade via our mobile app, indicating remaining blade life, notifying when re-tensioning or replacement is required, and warning in the event that the blade is no longer in contact with the belt. I'm sure you can see why I am jealous and upset that Elf on the Shelf is lacking remote-control technology!


Think how much easier it would be if there were an automatic behavior report sent directly to Santa Clause from our elf via an app. That would eliminate the need for the elf to fly back to the North Pole every night to inform Santa of the kids' behavior, also eliminating the need for the elf to move locations upon his return (Win Win). 🎅

Don't struggle like me when you have the option to help complete work tasks right from your phone!