May the Force [Multiplier] Be With You

We are all busy with work, extracurriculars, and home life. Sometimes we need help lightening the load. Wouldn't it be great if we could multiply ourselves? Well, I don't have any groundbreaking advice on the home front (my wife says a cleaning service) but I do think I can help you out with the multiplication aspect at work. 

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I have worked with air cannons for 10 years, and I often get phone calls from frustrated material handlers dealing with blockages, production interruptions, and increased manual labor. They explain how they just don't have the time or the crew to manually loosen obstructions to get things moving again. Not to mention the safety concerns with back breaking labor. 

Force Multiplier Effect

Air Cannons can free up staff time, reduce manpower, increase productivity, improve equipment utilization, and enhance safety. These benefits contribute to a "force multiplier" effect where air cannons allow staff and manpower to be utilized more effectively in other areas across the operation.

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My coworker actually presented a webinar on this topic, check it out to learn how to:

  • Reduce the manpower required to maintain a smooth production flow
  • Ensure equipment is utilized to its full potential
  • Eliminate risks by offering a safe and remote method for clearing blockages

Consequences of Material Flow Problems

Physically banging on a bin or chute will cause structural weakness and damage

If material isn't flowing properly, production is negatively affected. If you are using a hopper/bin/silo, eventually you will run into some sort of flow problem. Feed chutes or hoppers feeding conveyor belts get plugged. Wet/sticky material can build up over time inside of transfer chutes, plugging it and eventually spilling out. Most of the time, plants don’t know there is buildup until material is seen spilling out because the internal problem isn’t visible from the outside. Hammering on the wall of the chute or bin leads to structural weakness, damage, and hammer rash. 

Buildup Root Causes

  • High material moisture percentage
  • Change in material trajectory
  • Redesigned chute to get more/less flow from original plan
  • Changes in process such as belt speed, type of material, etc., 
  • As walls get beat up and rusted out, material will flow less efficiently

Check Out On-Demand Webinar

I hope you'll recall this info if you find yourself struggling with limited 'manpower' while trying to keep material flowing. Why not take advantage of the force multiplier effect? And, let me know if you make some headway on lightening the load at home.