My Love For Traveling & Material Handling All Rolled Into One

What is your New Year's Resolution? Do you have a New Year's Resolution? How long will your resolution last? How often do you hear those questions? I hear them just about everywhere I go. I've never been big on resolutions. As I was traveling from job site to job site the other day, I was able to take this amazing picture. ⬇️

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While looking at this picture, I realized I had in fact made a New Year's Resolution = TRAVEL MORE. 

Traveling & Material Handling

I have always loved the snow, cold weather, and the outdoors so I enjoy traveling all over the western territory serving the bulk materials handling industry. 

On this particular day, I was traveling around Idaho teaching material handling operations how to improve material flow with air cannons and improve conveyor productivity.

Keep Material Flowing

Air Cannons keep material flowing efficiently When material stops flowing due to a blockage, downtime is increased while productivity is decreased. Air cannons release timed bursts of compressed air that break up accumulations and bottlenecks.

Air Cannon Benefits:

  • Increase profit & efficiency
  • Eliminate obstructions, reducing labor costs
  • Safer work environment by eliminating the need for workers to manually intervene with blockages
  • Less wear and tear on equipment
  • Reduced downtime 

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Improve Conveyor Performance

Conveyor belts move materials faster and further than any other method. But, conveyors need to be properly inspected and maintained to ensure performance. Conveyors aren’t complex but if they’re not understood, their problems can become complex. Conveyor belts are like giant rubber bands wrapped around pulleys. If one of those components in the process fails, it can lead to catastrophic consequences.

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Learn more about the basics of belt conveyorsSnowboarding in Montana up at Big Sky |  Horseback riding in Utah | Traveling on the job 

I hope 2023 will bring adventure, traveling, and helping customers solve problems. Hang in there, folks...the New Year's Resolution phenomenon will lose its steam soon.