Selecting Belt Cleaners & Vehicle Tires

With Groundhog Day having come and gone, I believe more and more that the varmint was right. In the Midwest, it seems that 3”-6” of snow is copy – pasted into each day’s forecast along with a negative sign in front of the high and low temperatures for the day. Dealing with getting from point A to B in inclimate weather poses its own sets of challenges but having the correct tires to keep your vehicle moving in the right direction is as important as having safety supplies and a charged cell phone when leaving your house. Choosing the right tires for vehicles depends largely on the size of your vehicle, your driving style, and ability to service them. Selecting the proper belt cleaner is much the same.

Remove carryback with belt cleaners and return it to the main material flow

Just as driving with low-profile performance tires in a blizzard is going to result in difficulty getting to work...having a belt cleaner which is undersized for your head pulley will cause belt cleaning performance issues such as premature blade wear and roll through.

vehicles tires are familiar to belt cleaner blades

Properly evaluating the speed of the conveyor, operating temperature, size of the head pulley, material being conveyed, and cleaning requirements will result in the best performance. Oversized cleaners tend to clean poorly while undersized cleaners will roll through, potentially damaging belt cleaners and belting. Choosing the proper duty size ensures that all of the designed functionality is utilized.

Think of the look I would get from my wife if I put 30” mud tires on her minivan! 😉

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After the proper duty size is selected, evaluating the best blade type will ensure that blade life is maximized while keeping your conveyor clean. Do you need all-weather tires or winter tires? Using winter tires in the summer will accelerate wear and result in unsatisfactory driving conditions just as using standard radials driving through a muddy plant can leave you spinning.

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We offer various urethane blade options for primary cleaners to maximize cleaning for high temperatures,  caustic chemicals, standard applications, or high-abrasion materials. 

Let our field experts help you choose the right belt cleaning solution to keep your belts clean and the wheels of your plant turning!