Never Limit Your Belt Cleaner Options!

Do you want belt cleaner options? Well, we got em'! Head on down to.... (said in my best car-salesman voice). Just kidding. But thinking there aren't many belt cleaner options, especially newer innovations, out there is like being asked: “stick shift or Tesla” when looking for a car. 

Why Am I Talking About Belt Cleaners & Stick Shift Cars?

Wow, you’re probably thinking “how did he just compare choosing a belt cleaner to shopping for a car?” Technology around choosing the proper belt cleaner has come a long way in the past decade. Belt cleaners have begun their move towards more "hands-free" pieces of equipment. It's exciting to be a part of a company taking the lead in transforming belt cleaners and tensioning systems into the future.

New belt cleaning technology brings you the convenience of remote monitoring

Just like there are several Tesla models available. belt cleaning systems have multiple options and specific models to suit various applications. A few quick internet searches educated me on standard and luxury features of Tesla:

  • Clean and powerful cabin conditioning equipped with HEPA filtrated air
  • Autopilot: the car will steer, accelerate, and brake automatically under active supervision
  • Auto Lane Change 
  • Summon feature allows you to automatically retrieve your car (kind of like checking on your belt cleaners from your phone - keep reading for more on that!)
  • Autopark: parallel and perpendicular parking with a single touch (That would have come in handy during my driving test in high school)
  • Fast acceleration - Zero to 60 in 3.1 or 2.5 seconds depending on model (that puts "zero-60 in 5.2" to shame. 🎵 Sorry Alabama, people are in a bigger "hurry to get things done" these days! 🎶)
  • Speaking of songs, Tesla offers a "caraoke" function so owners can make sure they get the words right to a variety of songs
  • You won't be without a charger for long (not a good feeling) as there are more than 25,000 supercharging stations globally
  • Dog mode - prevent concerned bystanders from thinking your furry co-pilot is in danger 🐶
  • Frunk = a trunk in the front. Now you can put junk in your trunk AND your frunk! 

With gas prices on the rise, I am a bit envious of those benefiting from the return on investment, tax credits, and lack of maintenance expenses (oil changes). Looking at some of these features, I never thought they were options in cars. Just like when I started at Martin 10 years ago, I never thought I would be using my smartphone to help customers know when a belt cleaner blade needs attention

Since we're on the topic of minimal maintenance, the same is true for our new belt cleaning technology that allows for remote monitoring of your belt cleaners, saving you physical trips up down catwalks, increasing safety by reducing interaction, etc.,

Learn About New N2 Position Indicator

Old Vs. New

New Belt Cleaning Innovation paves the way for safety and productivityI promise I don't own a Tesla or work to promote them in any way. I was just in Las Vegas last month and had the chance to take a spin in a Tesla, and it got me thinking about innovation and technology. And don't get me wrong, I do agree that driving a stick shift is a lost art - the same as being able to use a rotary phone! ☎️ But on the other hand, I also enjoy the perks and convenience of new technology in my life, such as my Ring doorbell, voice-activated lights, smart thermostat, and Kevo smart locks.

Taking Belt Cleaners to the Tesla Level


For years, maintaining belt cleaners was a manual procedure. It required plant personnel to physically interact with the equipment = walking up and down conveyors, operating man lifts, regularly locking out and tagging out the belt, and dragging safety equipment and tools along for the ride. This is a very time-consuming task and oftentimes, the quality of service is dependent on the person performing the task. In doing this, we inherently place workers in a situation of potential injury. Every time we interact with a piece of equipment, the risk goes up. There is a risk to the employee, the company, and its stakeholders, and that risk could be minimized - sometimes even eliminated - by applying new technology.

Remotely monitor belt cleaning systems from your phone or computer

N2® Position Indicator

Remote monitoring of belt cleaners
  • Indicates remaining blade lifeCheck on the condition of your belt cleaners from the convenience of your phone/desk
  • Know when a blade change is needed
  • Notification when re-tensioning is required
  • Alert when the blade is not in contact with the belt
  •  Immediate warning of any substantial change in temperature

N2® Twist Tensioner

Automatically delivers proper tension to belt cleanersAutomatically maintain belt cleaner tension

  • Continuously monitors for the correct amount of tension
  • Maintains precise cleaning pressure without maintenance
  • Alerts when the blade is nearing the end of its life

Learn more about this innovative product

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Let technology advancements help you. With these innovations, the equipment (belt cleaners & Teslas) does more for you so you can do less/better manage your time and priorities. They also increase productivity and safety. Win-Win!