Think, Communicate, & Follow the Rules

Working in the bulk materials handling industry, I attend MSHA (Mine Safety & Health Administration) training every year so I can stay up to speed on safety regulations. The MSHA instructor continuously reinforces how important it is that we all return home to our families every night. I actually think about MSHA training quite a bit in my personal/home/parenting life more than I ever thought I would.

While sitting in MSHA training, I can't count how many times he would say the following mantra: "Think, Communicate, & Follow the Rules!" I have even caught myself saying it to my kids and husband as well. The most recent instance that this rang true was during a current project at home - a surprise birthday present for my sons. Hayes is turning 5 this week and Hunter turns 2 next month. We decided it was the perfect time for...a basketball hoop! 🏀


When I jumped the gun and ordered it online, I didn't quite think of all that went into installing it (at least that is what my husband tells me). I only envisioned the finished product of my kids shooting hoops on a nice spring day. I didn't take into account the digging, the concrete, the setting of the concrete, the need for heavy lifting, and the fact that I probably couldn't help as much as I thought (don't worry - Hunter is a great supervisor). 

Think, comunicate, and follow the rules when working in bulk material handling


Before we started anything, we had to call JULIE to see if any power lines were buried where we were planning to install. Clearly, all of those colorful flags would impact the project. But, it's better to know ahead of time as opposed to getting into the project and creating a serious issue and needing to alter the scope of the project. 

Safety around conveyor belts should not be taken lightly

Follow the Rules

I had always wanted to install a basketball hoop on the East side of the driveway (where the cluster of flags is). I also didn't think the power lines would be a problem because they are about 15 feet away from where I thought the hoop would be. However, the directions said to keep 20 feet away from power lines. So, we adapted and moved it to the West side of the driveway (see...following the rules).

Before working in the bulk materials handling industry, make you are trained and up to speed on potential violations

All three of our kids love to play basketball...we want to make sure we do it right so they can enjoy it for years to come! 

Making It Home Every Night

I work in the office and only make it out on a job site once or twice a year. My training still comes in handy to make sure I am thinking, communicating, and following the rules. It also makes me appreciate those working out in the field on a regular basis even more. All of our in-field specialists are MSHA certified, increasing their knowledge and reducing the likelihood of incurring any violations while on site. 

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As a professional in the bulk materials handling industry, MSHA training has really opened my eyes to make sure I do all I can to stay safe while on the job. It has also opened my eyes as a wife of someone who works in the aggregate/farming industry. Hearing the instructor talk about the importance of making it home at the end of the day hits home as the kids and I await their father's and my husband's arrival every night.