Look What Santa Delivered To This Coal-Fired Power Plant

Tis' the season to spend money (so many gifts)! 💲 However, this coal-fired power plant saved money - $100,000 per year to be exact. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving - Santa nailed this one!

Prior to Christmas, I spend months making notes of gift ideas for my boys, giving me a rough idea of a price range for each. 🤑 Multiply that by 3 = 💰.  I try to be ahead of the game so I can snag some Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to save some money.  It never fails, they always tend to think of several last-minute ideas (not on my list - ugh, I am a planner). This not only adds more gifts to wrap but now I need to pay for rushed shipping - adding to the Christmas season "debt." All of this planning and spending only for the man in the big red suit to swing by and steal my thunder! 🎅

As much as I joke about spending a fortune over the holidays, I can't imagine spending $100,000 every year. Clearly, this operation knew it needed to change this tradition! Santa Claus seemed to have time in his busy thunder-stealing schedule to lend a helping hand to this plant.  

Belt cleaning systems and proper dust control increase producitivity and safety--Who said Coal was a bad gift?!--

The plant provides electricity to around 412,000 residential, commercial, and industrial retail customers out West. With more than 2,260 MW of net generating capacity (primarily coal-fired), the operation supplies most of the power it distributes.

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Handling seven million tons of sub-bituminous coal a year, the coal yard was experiencing dust-control problems, carryback, and increased wash-down costsnegatively impacting the plant's production. Plant personnel reached out to our elves to help make their operation more efficient. Our elves filled Santa in on the situation, and as much as he loves to see snow falling from the sky, blustery clouds of dust were on his naughty list

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Santa looked around his workshop, he made a list and checked it twice. 

Santa's List:
  • (2)  QC1 XHD primary cleaners to deliver effective cleaning, durable life, and low maintenance requirementsBelt cleaning systems reduce carryback
  • 1 SQC2S secondary cleaner with tungsten carbide blades for effective conveyor cleaning without risk to belt, splice, or blade
  • Dust Curtains to slow loading zone airflow to allow airborne dust to settle back into the material stream
  • The elves were on contract to perform belt cleaner maintenance on a weekly basis
  • Stocking Stuffer: Experienced elves will review conveyors every week to look for opportunities to improve loading and dust control


The plant is pleased with the new belt cleaning system and dust control method. Carryback and washdown costs have been drastically reduced. The coal yard maintenance supervisor firmly believes the way to succeed is to surround workers with capable suppliers, and that we're a part of their team. Coupled with strong service, follow-up, and assistance, the plant credits us with making the plant cleaner, safer, and more productive.

We love to hear that, it makes us feel festive. Now, Kris Kringle can head back to the North Pole and let our elves take it from here. 

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