Complex Transfer Point Upgrades Made Simple

A crucial task in project management and planning for conveyor upgrades is ensuring a smooth setup of operations and equipment. Efficient maintenance planning improves productivity, reduces downtime, and extends the lifespan of assets. One strategy that can significantly enhance the planning process is utilizing products that are sold as kits. Modular Transfer Point Kits offer a range of advantages that streamline specification and installation.

Transfer point kits simplify installation and reduce outage time

See How Transfer Point Kits Simplify Installation

Comprehensive Solution in One Package

One of the most significant advantages of using modular transfer point kits is they offer a total solution in a single package. The kits include all the necessary components and parts for load zones, settling zones, and stilling zones. 

Modular Transfer Point Kits Simplify Installation

  • Chute Wall Weldment
  • External Wearliner Assembly 
  • Outer Chute Supports
  • Top Cover 
  • ApronSealâ„¢ Clamps
  • Owner's Manual
  • Installation Hardware
  • Dust Curtains
  • Inner Chute Wall Supports
  • Internal Wear Liner
  • Tail Panel, Clamp, & Rubber Sheet

Each zone is sorted accordingly and placed on a pallet so it can easily be delivered right to the work site, eliminating the hassle of lugging parts across an operation. 

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Transfer point kits are conveniently sorted and packaged so once it arrives on site, you can save time and start installing

Time-Saving Benefits

As the old adage goes, "time is money." This holds true in the realm of preparing a transfer point upgrade during an outage. With transfer points sold as kits, you can save valuable time during the ordering, planning, setup, and installation stages. Since the components are already assembled into a kit, your team can focus on the task at hand instead of spending time organizing and gathering various parts.

Modular transfer point kits save time and hassle

Eliminate Errors

When dealing with complex transfer point upgrades, the chances of error in part selection can be high, leading to potential safety hazards, excess spillage, and dust. Utilizing transfer point kits significantly reduces the risk of errors. These kits are compatible with future upgrades and work seamlessly together. As a result, your maintenance team can minimize the risk of unexpected errors/slowdowns at installation.

Don't Make Things Complicated

Transfer point kits can be a game-changer for your crew during outages. The time and cost savings, along with the enhanced efficiency and reduced risk of errors, make these kits a valuable asset in combating dust and spillage.

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