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Root Causes of Belt Mistracking

One of the biggest problems we often hear our customers ask about is 'how to track a belt.' We're going to give you some of the strategies we've found effective over the course of ...
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Reducing Dust Without Dust Collectors

Passive dust control methods are ways to control dust without “capturing” or “suppressing.” Manipulating the air speed is a common method. That statement is how I started a recent ...
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Do You Know Your Behavior Tendencies? Can They Improve?!

I rarely get excited about things, I’m sometimes even cynical. I don't normally work too hard on changing my bad habits or exercising self-improvement (at least that is what my ...
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Never Incorrectly Select A Belt Cleaner!

In September, it seemed to me like things had started to get somewhat back to normal. The hallmark of this thought came to me while I attended an international mining show in Las ...
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I love summer. A couple of years ago, I moved into a house that had a new pool installed. Nothing brings me more joy than to have friends and family over on a hot summer weekend ...
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No More Conveyor-Related Fatalgrams Please!

I was disappointed the other day when I received a fatalgram from MSHA. A miner can visit MSHA’s website and sign up for Fatality Reports, commonly referred to as fatalgrams. For ...
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