Welcome! Below you will find a collection of insights by leading professionals detailing their experiences in the bulk handling industry.

"That's Just The Way It Is & How We Do It!"

Many “old salts” will proudly punctuate the ageless wisdom they’ve just bestowed upon those obviously "handicapped" by their relative youth and lack of worldly knowledge with a ...
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Reducing Dust Without Dust Collectors

Passive dust control methods are ways to control dust without “capturing” or “suppressing.” Manipulating the air speed is a common method. That statement is how I started a recent ...
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The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly of Material Handling

I'm sharing more Good, Bad, & Ugly sights from my travels around the bulk materials handling industry. I pride myself on taking a lot of pictures when I am out on sites. To ...
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How Prepared Can You Be Without All Of The Essentials?

Just before Thanksgiving, my husband came home from work complaining about a sore elbow, and me being the extremely sympathetic wife I am (eye roll 🙄) said "oh, I’m sure it’s ...
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Tis' the Save Money & Improve Operations!

A cement plant in Texas wasn't feeling very festive. Poor operating conditions were taking a toll on morale, efficiency, and safety. Bah humbug! I wanted to share this story with ...
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Do You Know Your Behavior Tendencies? Can They Improve?!

I rarely get excited about things, I’m sometimes even cynical. I don't normally work too hard on changing my bad habits or exercising self-improvement (at least that is what my ...
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