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Whatever Blows Your Skirt(ing) Up - I Mean Out!

In my role at Martin, I travel to different sites and lead Conveyor Operations and Maintenance workshops, and I come across various circumstances/confusions in the bulk ...
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Do You Have a Personal Commitment to Safety?

People are “committed” to different things, right? Some folks are committed to their sports team - baseball, football, basketball, college, or pro! If you’re married, committed ...
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Free Edge

The edge of what? What is free edge? A free vehicle?
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Conveyor Belt Transition Zones

Placing belting on a conveyor structure without understanding the characteristics of the belt will impair the performance of the system and can lead to problems in the form of ...
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Hammer Rash: how to recognize it and, more importantly, prevent it!

Per WebMD, a rash indicates an abnormal change in skin color or texture. Rashes are usually skin inflammations which can have many causes.
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What About Secondary & Tertiary Belt Cleaners?

When a primary cleaner is applied correctly and you still see residual material left on the belt, you should start thinking of applying secondary and tertiary cleaning systems. 
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