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What is the Low-Hanging Fruit of Reducing Dust and Spillage?

It seems like most plants or mines that operate belt conveyors fight dust and spillage problems. I take calls and emails about it every day. Our inside sales reps constantly ...
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Carving Up the Main Course & Cleaning your Conveyor Belt

As we embark on our new normal and the new "holiday season,” I’ve been thinking a lot about my menu and how and when I am going to get everything done for a successful ...
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Vibrators are NOT One Size Fits All...Size Matters

I recently received a phone call from a maintenance supervisor at a cement plant looking for help on keeping the vibrators they're using from cracking the mounting brackets and ...
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Skirting or Wearliner...that is the question

An issue I often hear about in my customer service role is how quickly our customers' conveyor skirting wears out, requiring them to frequently adjust it down. This always ...
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Time to think outside of the box when thinking about flow aids

2020 has been the year of thinking outside of the box. We have been thrown into situations where we were/are working from home, operating with reduced manpower, or being shut ...
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Socially Distance Yourself From Belt Cleaners

The term “social distance” is one we are all too familiar with given the global COVID-19 pandemic. Maintaining social distance from others in public will minimize your exposure ...
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