Welcome! Below you will find a collection of insights by leading professionals detailing their experiences in the bulk handling industry.

Reducing Dust Without Dust Collectors

Passive dust control methods are ways to control dust without “capturing” or “suppressing.” Manipulating the air speed is a common method. That statement is how I started a recent ...
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The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly of Material Handling

I'm sharing more Good, Bad, & Ugly sights from my travels around the bulk materials handling industry. I pride myself on taking a lot of pictures when I am out on sites. To ...
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How Prepared Can You Be Without All Of The Essentials?

Just before Thanksgiving, my husband came home from work complaining about a sore elbow, and me being the extremely sympathetic wife I am (eye roll 🙄) said "oh, I’m sure it’s ...
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Tis' the Save Money & Improve Operations!

A cement plant in Texas wasn't feeling very festive. Poor operating conditions were taking a toll on morale, efficiency, and safety. Bah humbug!  I wanted to share this story with ...
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Do You Know Your Behavior Tendencies? Can They Improve?!

I rarely get excited about things, I’m sometimes even cynical. I don't normally work too hard on changing my bad habits or exercising self-improvement (at least that is what my ...
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NEVER Ignore Material Flow Warning Signs & Sounds

Hindsight is always 20/20! The afterthought usually occurs suddenly and with newfound clarity, though the particular circumstances may vary. There were probably some red flags you ...
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