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Prep For That Road Trip & Outage

I recently purchased a 1972 Dodge Travco 220, a classic motorhome, with the hefty goal of renovating it and hitting the road. This "treasure" was on its way to the junkyard when I ...
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Air Cannons = More Of An Art Than A Science

I just completed two air cannon webinars this week (those always get the best of my nerves). However, once I get past the "stage fright," I enjoy presenting flow aid solutions to ...
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Rock, Paper, Scissors...Cut!

Writing success stories for Martin Engineering, I hear about a lot of jobs and installations...some pretty standard and run-of-the-mill, some very unique and out-of-the-box. My ...
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The Struggle Is Real...Shipping & Receiving

The excitement of ordering something you want and/or need is directly followed by the anticipation of it shipping and arriving. Kids these days don't understand how long it used ...
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Clinker & Cake - Baked to Perfection

Clinker is material produced in the burning stage during cement production and is used as the binder in concrete. It is created by heating limestone and clay to the point of ...
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Unpopular Opinion - Spring Is Messy & It Sucks

Do you know anyone who absolutely despises spring? Probably not because I feel like I am on an island alone. I don’t like it, not one bit, not anything about it! Have I always ...
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